iSolver Software Solutions
Building Software with Vision

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Building Software with Vision

iSolver Software Solutions is a
software consulting
 and web design house run by Amy and Sol Simpson, both formerly of SR Research Ltd -.makers of high end research grade eye tracking systems.

iSolver Software Solutions focuses on serving Psychology and Neuroscience Labs with programming and support services when the lab would like a project implemented with the assistance of knowledgeable hard working, and honest professionals. We also provide full service Web Application design and implementation services for small to medium sized businesses, with the combined capabilities to deliver both functional back end systems and aesthetically pleasing UX front ends to match, both of which can be scaled and grow based on your needs. 

iSolver Software Solutions mandate is three fold:

Focus on quality over quantity, with only one active project being taken on at a time. When we take on a project, we focus on 'it'. We want to help the clients we are working with, while we do what we love and have fun doing it.
Adhere to the strong sense of Ethics that has guided us successfully throughout our whole career's to date, and do not compromise those Ethics at the expense of our clients or ourselves. Good Business and Good Ethics can and should go hand in hand; in fact they can help each other flourish and spread.  Anyone who suggests otherwise has lost their way about what is important in business in our opinion; contrary to the now popular belief that the focus should only be on making money.

Provide a full service custom development solution, including both implementation and support of what has been created; not leaving our valued clients to their own devices once we have provided what was listed on the 'deliverable sheet' and have been compensated for our effort. Until a client is satisfied with the software and has been able to use what was developed for them and has been given enough time to gain confidence in its use, then we do not consider our job fully done (within logical reason of course).


Thank you.

Sol and Amy Simpson
iSolver Software Solutions